Competition. Two new built duplex public dwellings. Located on a narrow plot in a dense built urban environment. The building footprint is reduced to leave as much open and green space as possible. The number of dwellings is reduced to two in order to capture daylight throughout the duplex dwellings. Simple construction forms ease the use of wood in order to reduce the amount of less environmental friendly concrete structures. The outer space is partially accessible to all inhabitants for the storage of enough bicycles for all inhabitants, in order to encourage the use of this environmental and social friendly transportation mode. The building is designed to suit high environmental standards, among which the so called “passive” energy standard.

Client: Municipality of Schaerbeek [Brussels] // Architecture: Association Atelier GIGOGNE & Atelier EUPALINOS // EPB & Environment: Atelier EUPALINOS // Construction Engineer: MATRICHE // Technical Equipment: AXIS-ENGINEERING //  Energy Performance: Passive Standard, heating 15 kWh/m².year // Localisation: Schaerbeek [Brussels] . Belgium // 352 m² // 501.500 € Net //  Competition entry 2011