Bringing a squeezed plot to breathe. Three 19th century houses rebuild, except the front façade and party walls, to house 3 apartments and a terraced house. High environmental performances and very low-energy refurbishment. All bricks, finishes, internal linings, coverings and paints and internal insulation materials are renewable or endorsed by a high level environmental label. Designing architect: Pierre Van Assche. Atelier Eupalinos in charge of the technical and environmental specifications, EPB and the construction stage.

Client: Municipality of Ixelles (Brussels) // Architecture: Atelier GIGOGNE coll. Atelier EUPALINOS // EPB &  Environment: EUPALINOS (N  Goubau)//Construction Engineer: MATRICHE // Technical Equipment: AXIS-Engineering // Health & Safety: AXIS-Engineering // Main Contractor: IN ADVANCE //  Energy Performance: "Very Low Energy Demand" K29-E41 - 40kW/m².year heating// Localisation: Rue De Stassart 75-79 . 1040 Brussels . Belgium // 681 m² // 1.090.000 € Net // 2008-2013 // pictures © Georges Strens & © N. Goubau