Competition. Public cafeteria and small events building in a park. Reconstruction of the former 18th century park building “Laiterie”. The project focuses on the central location of the building and the view out on the surrounding valley and trees. The mezzanine is a place where the visitor feels close among the trees. The building is the link between two parts of the valley, flat broad and open on one side, cascading, steeper and narrow on the other side. The shape of the roof and the wide open facade facing the open area do emphasize this topography.

Client: Municipality of Schaerbeek [Brussels] // Architecture: Association Atelier GIGOGNE & Atelier EUPALINOS // EPB & Environment: Atelier EUPALINOS // Construction Engineer: MATRICHE // Technical Equipment: AXIS-ENGINEERING // Localisation: Parc Josaphat, Schaerbeek [Brussels] . Belgium // 281 m² // 661.000 € Net  // Competition entry 2012 – 3rd laureate // pictures © N. Goubau & © Atelier Gigogne