Competition. Three new built duplex public dwellings. The building on an sharp angle faces the wide open landscape of the river valley. The shape of the plot and the orientations of the facades make it difficult to capture daylight and solar energy. For this reason, the plan layout privileges high windows and mezzanines to enable daylight to penetrate the entire dwellings. Enhanced thermal insulation of the envelope and heat recovering ventilation compensate the lack of solar energy the north-west and north-east oriented windows can catch.

Client: Municipality of Schaerbeek (Brussels) // Architecture: Association Atelier GIGOGNE & Atelier EUPALINOS // EPB & Environment: Atelier EUPALINOS // Construction Engineer: MATRICHE // Technical Equipment: EXIS-ENGINEERING //  Energy Performance: Passive Standard, heating 15 kWh/m².year // Localisation: Schaerbeek (Brussels) . Belgium // 352 m² // 503.500 € Net // 2008-2013 // Competition entry 2011.