Competition. Reconversion of a former urban wood trading site. The brief aims an environmentally high quality site with spaces that promote social cohesion, for middle class housing and small businesses spread over approx. 6.500 m² floor area. Terraced houses and apartments surround private or shared leisure and kitchen gardens. Although the formerly entirely build inner block site remains densely occupied, the gardens and circulation patterns create an airy neighborhood that links fluently with the surrounding social urban pattern. Special attention has been paid to the biodiversity, the water management and the environmental quality of the building materials. The buildings and their technical equipment are designed to aim the Passivhaus energy standard.

Client: JCX/BHL // Architecture: Atelier GIGOGNE & Atelier EUPALINOS (P VAn Assche & N  Goubau) associated architects // EPB & Environmental strategy: Atelier EUPALINOS (N  Goubau) // Construction Engineer: MATRICHE // Technical Equipment: AXIS // Health & Safety: AXIS // Energy Performance: Passive// Localisation: Schaerbeek (Brussels) . Belgium // +/- 6.500 m² //  Competition entry 2012