The name EUPALINOS is taken from the poetical dialogue "Eupalinos ou l'Architecte" written by the french poet Paul Valéry in 1921, in which he imagined a dialogue between Socrates and Phaedra who talk about architecture and an architect named Eupalinos.



Planet minded architecture and town planning workshop.

Our Professions : Architecture, town planning, BREEAM environmental assessment & EPB

Our Means : Knowledge, study, rigor, looking and listening.

Our Tools : Drawings, calculations and writing.

Our  Aims : Poetry and frugality.

Our Quest :  Joy of living.

Our Prospects:  Being honored to design or assess your project.



Team members since the start of the workshop (alphabetical order):

Louise Carle // Marie Couteaux // Anne De Goes  //  Toon Desimpelaere  // Yiannis Evangelopoulos*  //  Nicolas Goubau* [view CV-French] //  Géraldine Olbrechts  //  Pascale Pieters*  //  Nathalie Rhéaume.

*actual team

The team is enhanced on a regular collaboration or partnership basis with the architects of Atelier Gigogne