Competition. Construction of a sailing school. New sailing school and seascouts basecamp in the Harbour of Brussels along the canal. The harbour company wants to anchor itself into the urban life and enhance its openness to the city. The project aims to enhance the relation between the inhabitants and the understated waterscape in the city. The rather grey landscape is land-marked by some flashy buoy-red and blue colored  silos and cranes the new building borrows its colors from. The project is dictated by the landscape’s rhythm, scale, water reflections and light. A rooftop terrace on the prow of the building offers a viewpoint like bridges usually do on canals or boats on the water.

Client: Port of Brussels // Architecture & Environment: Atelier EUPALINOS: Nicolas Goubau, Géraldine Olbrechts, Yiannis Evangelopoulos // Localisation: Brussels Canal . Belgium // Competition entry 2003 – 3rd laureate // pictures © N. Goubau