Complete refurbishment of “TYFOON III”, Holman designed Twister 28, build 1968 and initially owned by the Belgian sail champion Staf Versluys who sailed her successfully to winning finishes around the North sea between 1969 and 1972. After years of inappropriate repairs and neglect, the mainly mahagony wood construction (cockpit, roof and interior) has been largely reconstructed and restored in its original beauty. Complete but discrete renewal of the (low) technical equipment. New rigging. Owned, redesigned, rebuild and sailed by ourselves, she has dramatically increased our knowledge and skills on the subject.

Client: Nicolas & Xavier Goubau // Original Design: Kim Holman, 1958 // Originally Build in 1967-68 at Tylor (Kent, GB) and Versluys (Ostend, BE) // Refurbishment design & Architecture: Atelier EUPALINOS (N  Goubau) //  Rigging & Sails: WITTEVRONGEL & Omega // Shipyards rebuilding: Client (Atelier EUPALINOS) & AGRION  //  Homeport: Ostend . Belgium // LOA: 8.40m // Beam: 2.45m // draught: 1.75m // sail area upwind: 42m² // pictures © N. Goubau (except picture 1&10 : unknown - 11: Florence Meganck - 12: Dirk Peeters - 13: Pascale Pieters)