Gaffer rigged model sailboat from the early 1920’s. The aim was to transform the old toy into a magnificent gaffer with oversized canvas. Starting from the only decayed asymmetrical hull that was left, the hull, keel and ballast have been enlarged and embedded in canvassed epoxy resin in order to be play-proof by a child and able to wear a huge gaffered rigging with long bowsprit, two boomed foresails, oversized boom and removable topsail. The purpose designed rigging is inspired by a real French 1910 oyster cutter named “L’Hirondelle”.

Client: Célestin Goubau // Originally Build approx. 1922 // Design, & Building: Atelier EUPALINOS (N  Goubau) //  LOA: 0.7m // Beam: 0.11m // draught: 0.2m // sail area upwind: 0.25m² // pictures © N. Goubau